Theme: Embracing Equity as a Lever for Professional Growth.

Embracing diversity will position companies for significant growth, especially during the energy transition. As the energy sector continues to remain competitive, organizations that patronize diversity will have a competitive edge over those that do not invest in equity.

To break gender inequity in the energy sector, investment should be made now at various levels by encouraging young women to aspire to STEM education. This theme discusses the need to embrace equity as a lever for growth in the energy sector. This is because results have shown that organizations with a broader female representation have steady growth and outperform organizations with low representations of females.

Therefore, more female representation and participation should be encouraged to ensure strategic and sustainable growth in the energy sector, especially during boardroom meetings and conferences.

Panel Sessiion Theme: Strategic Pipeline Development and Partnership for Equitable Professional Advancement

Equitable advancement is achievable through an intentional approach that should be encouraged systematically and systemically. In this ever-growing world, leveraging emerging technologies alone cannot collectively transform the way society lives without a deliberate and sustainable investment in diversity and inclusion because diversity translates to uplifting organizational goals and optimizing profitable benefits.

In line with the above, the panel discussion aims to spark a rich discourse over developing strategic roadmaps and partnerships to achieve equitable professional advancement beyond corporate boardrooms. Experts, industry leaders, and stakeholders are expected to share and diffuse ideas in developing partnerships and strategic pipelines that will give birth to equitable professional advancement. Additionally, this theme is expected to become a guiding force and focal point of reference for corporate leaders and stakeholders interested in creating lasting social and professional impact in working places.

Indeed, empowering women is a way to achieve sustainable recoveries that recognize the environmental, social, and governance competent leadership that gender equality delivers.

Master Class I: Personal Branding

Personal branding has become a very popular term in recent years, especially in the marketing space. While it may seem like it only applies to a select few, personal branding actually applies to us all. Interestingly, while you may never have used the term, personal branding, you may subconsciously be practising it. As a professional, building and projecting your brand and its values to the world is a sure way to get your target audience to know who you are, what you stand for and why you are worth choosing over every other competitor. Personal branding is a necessary step to be taken by every professional to experience career growth. This session will expose you to best practices on how to make your brand more attractive and help you stand out from the intense competition out there

Master Class II: Negotiation

As professionals, the ability to negotiate is one that is highly demanded.  The circle of our personal and professional lives makes disputes inevitable as our needs, desires, goals, and positions come against those of other people. Without negotiating, disagreements could escalate to conflicts, resentment, and hostility. The essence of negotiation is to resolve these differences in the interests of both sides and to keep the door open for future communication. The ability to negotiate comes to play in different aspects of our lives: whether you are at the forefront of maintaining client relationships, pitching a business idea, signing for a new role, negotiating a maternity leave or salary raise, or even resolving conflict. Emotional intelligence is a key aspect of negotiations, and this session will teach on how to apply this skill and take charge of your next negotiation.

Master Class III: Partnership & Collaboration: Becoming a Male Ally at Work
Gender equity in the workplace drives innovation and performance. As a male ally, you can help boost that fairness by chipping away at the systems that perpetuate everyday unconscious bias. The presence of an ally, as proven by research, helps to improve job satisfaction, lower anxiety, and imbibe a stronger workplace commitment from the marginalised group. In this masterclass, simple actions that can be taken to further gender equality in the workplace will be taught. The course will also expose some subtle forms of exclusion that women go through in the workplace. You will also get tips for amplifying women’s voices at work, including how to use your power to pass the mic to those whose voices often go unheard. You will also be taught on how to partner and collaborate with your female co-workers to further improve their performance.

Master Class IV: Introduction to Data Science
According to a study by Boston Consulting Group, approximately only 15% – 22% of data scientists are women and only 18% of women in the field hold leadership positions at tech companies. These statistics are not very encouraging and beg the need for a masterclass such as this one to be instituted. Data science has been a male dominated field for a long time, and it does not have to be. Having more females in this field rising to the top will help provide even more role models to the younger generation and in turn encouraging that balance in the industry. Data science is also a high demand skill, so having it will also be a great addition to your belt. In the spirit of equity and equality, this course aims to introduce you to the basics of data science and whet their appetites, encouraging more women to delve into this field.